What Got Me Thinking: {Definition of Me}

Sometimes there are things in life that happen, and you wonder why they happen. Sometimes those things are things that are easy to laugh at. Other times you can't help but get upset. I was able to have the opportunity this weekend to see myself from the outside. I now understand why men think women are crazy. Because women are crazy. I saw myself go from happy and laughing, to sad and depressed, and then back to happy and laughing way too many times this weekend.

I hate drama. More than anything. If I sense a dramatic situation, I retreat. Which is why I find myself becoming more and more of a home body.

Yet, even when trying to avoid drama, I obviously am able to create my own by just being a girl and having a couple mood swings.

There are times that I think, Mike probably thinks I'm crazy.

Then I quickly remind myself that all women are crazy, so if it wasn't me he was married to, he would just be married to some other crazy person.

I try to be normal. I try to consciously think about what I am doing, while I am doing it, attempting to create fewer regrets. My blog name was chosen for that reason. Because it is the definition of me. I try to put all I have into everything that is important to me. I don't think striving for perfection is a negative thing.

I have heard many ex-Mormon's say that a reason they left the church is because they couldn't take the pressure of trying to be perfect. But shouldn't we all be striving to be perfect anyway, whether or not we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? We were placed here on this earth to be tested and tried. To show our Heavenly Father that we can overcome. That we can give all that we have to be with Him again.

You have to try. Jesus Christ has made up for the difference. But you still have to try. And some days, it's down right hard. And some days I just don't want to do it anymore. But then I remember why I chose Tainted Perfectionist as the title to represent me and my life. Because it's who I am. It's who we all are. Learning how to become just a small piece of what Jesus Christ was, and continues to be.


  1. Pretty good at beating around the bush. You said enough to let me know something really got to you this weekend that must be unsharable. I hope you are feeling better. Drama can be really stressful except I know you love the drama of The Bachelor. Am I right or am I right? Can't wait to get you and Mike home!! Love you

  2. I so agree with this! No matter what religion, or belief, everyone should be trying to be there best. I guess people just get hung up on the fact that it is impossible to be perfect... which isn't what people expect from you, they just expect you to be trying to be your best self!