What I Won: {March Madness}

So after all the March Madness hooha, guess who took home the gold?
I'm not talking about the teams, I'm talking about our brackets.
Well lets just show you...
This may be the first year that I feel that I have literally crushed the man.
So I said last night, what do I win for beating you?
Guess what that bugger said, 200 extra calories.
I don't know if he's mocking the fact that I'm on quite the calorie counting kick, or if by some stretch of the imagination he thinks that is a good award.
Excuse me sir, but if I wanted an extra 200 calories, I would EAT an extra 200 calories. I don't need you to gift it to me.
And I don't want an extra 200 calories.

So apparently winning the gold in our house means you get to eat more food that you end up regretting later. Yaaaaaayyyyy.

That's when I promptly took myself to Target and bought this little beauty...
And I had a $5 Target Gift Card from my work.
Now that is what I call an award.
Thank you Target clearance.
And thank you Jason Wu.

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  1. That skirt is gorgeous!! I'm so jealous!! I think I need to make a Target run soon...