What Today Is: {FridayFreeForAll}

It's a rainy day here in the OK. And so what better to do than to put on your fuzzy socks and turn up the music and dance around your kitchen! {Yes, that is what I would do if I was home today instead of stuck in a fluorescent lit office.}
Therefore, I give you another edition of the FridayFreeForAll.

Today's song is brought to you by the warm, sunshiny memories of my honeymoon spent on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

 We stayed at an all-inclusive resort {which is definitely the best way to go if your plans are to lay on the beach all day in Mexico}. All throughout the resort, including poolside and down on the beach, they had speakers with music playing. And they played the same 10 songs, over and over and over again.

{I know, our camera wasn't the greatest at that time, but look at those two babies, just barely old enough to be married.}

About 5 of the songs were traditional Mexican accordion music, another 4 were popular Mexican pop songs, and then there was 1.

Yep. This one song...full fledged American 80's hit.
I couldn't help but look forward to this song each time the CD started over. I loved this song before the honeymoon {I am an 80's junkie to boot} but now I love it even more as it brings back the memories of laying on the beach in Mexico with my groom.

Laura Branigan

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