What I'm Good At: {Nutrition Facts}

So some people are good at sports.
Some people have an eye for fashion.


I'm a math person.

Always have been. Which I guess is what led me to current career choice. Not all accoutants are boring, you know.

I did have a moment over the Christmas holiday while in Utah with family. My 14-year-old brother asked for help on his math homework. I'm not gonna lie. Talk about an ego boost. I love that he knows that I'm a math person. {Even if it is self-proclaimed.}

Hah. I still have no idea how to do that algebra problem. I made the poor kid figure it out on his own and I quickly grabbed a laptop and googled the answer.

I know, I have stooped to a new low.

Oh if I was this proficient with the internet when I was in high school.....
But of course, that wouldn't have been necessary anyway, because remember....I'm a math person.


So there I sit, enjoying myself a good book.

Okay, okay. There were treats involved. Really, when is there not treats involved?
Current obsession?
Chocolate Animal Crackers. {Huge bag at Walmart...2 bucks.}

Then my eye spots a couple of the nutrition claims on the front of the bag.
Oh come on, when I buy chocolate crackers, I'm obviously not so concerned with anything but the taste.
And for an indulgence, I would say 13 crackers for 100 calories is just fine.

Then I thought I would see what else is going on in this little cracker that I'm on the brink of overconsuming.
A serving size is 16 crackers. Good
130 calories per serving. Good.
Wait. Not good.

Anybody else catch the math on that one?
See, I told you I was a math person.

Lets do the calculations, shall we?

13 crackers = 100 calories
7.69 calories per cracker

16 crackers = 130 calories
8.125 calories per cracker

Or maybe its, the first 13 crackers are 7.69 a piece, and then after that you jump up to 10 calories per cracker.

{So it's either some form of rounding going on, which even then doesn't make much sense, or they justify that the crackers are possibly different sizes therefore, rounding down...}

Either way, from a math person's point of view, things are not adding up.
But lucky for me simple math mistakes seem to not affect the deliciousness that is chocolate animal crackers.


  1. I LOVE chocolate animal crackers!!

  2. haha! that's so funny that you caught that.. i probably wouldn't have even noticed.

  3. Haha! What a cute post. I love that you caught that. I'm a little obsessed with reading nutrition labels.

    Love your blog!