What We Did: {Target Practice}

For Christmas, Mike got a Nerf gun. Yes, I do realize by getting him a Nerf gun, I am practically volunteering to be a target. Which is why I bought two Nerf guns, therefore giving me the opportunity to defend myself. So what happens on a quiet Sunday night at home with the Once Upon A Time marathon running in the background? Well, with a dry erase marker, a piece of glass {ours pulled out from the center of our coffee table}, and a couple of Nerf guns, you can have hours of fun. Evidence that this really happened...
Yes, I do realize I got my butt kicked. But leave it to the loser to say that it's not about who wins, it's about how you play the game.


  1. You two sure know how to make your own fun. Abby you look like you are one of Charlie's Angels and Mike looks very determined to beat you. Who took these cute pictures?

  2. it's really the simple things in life, right?

  3. So this is pretty much the best idea ever.
    Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog today! Nice to meet you and I can't wait to read about your other amazing ideas in the future. :D

    <3 Daryl
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  4. i'm a new follower & i love it! i found your button on alexa's blog! this is the cutest post and i love that piano in the first picture (:

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