What Today Is: {FridayFreeForAll}

Happy Friday, huh? Wahoo.

I don't know if I'm just not feeling the music, or maybe I'm just feeling it all so much that I can't pick.

But then I remembered yesterday. On my way home from a long day, I found myself going from radio station to radio station, no song was peaking my interest. So I throw open the center console in my car to find one single CD.


Now, if you haven't heard of Kalai. You need to search him out. This guy is awesome.

I have to say, I had never heard of Kalai either. Until about 5 years ago.

When a relationship begins, each person brings in there own self, their own personality, their own ideas and thoughts. And their own music. And Kalai was something Mike brought into our relationship. He introduced me to this song. {I like to think that he did so because I was that "pretty lady on {his} mind".} And I loved it. So much so that it made a small appearance on our wedding video. So here he is in all his glory....Kalai.

On My Mind

{My other favorite song by Kalai is Patience Lies, so if you enjoyed this song....you should definitely check out that song too.}

The next video is from my friend Sarah!

She says {in response to last week's post} "i was doing that very thing... being on youtube going from 1 video to the next... this is a cover band as well, and i love them. this song that is. it is called "Somebody that I used to know"- by Walk Off The Earth. Hope you listen to it. It's a good one!"

And you have to watch this video! I bet you have never seen 5 people play 1 guitar at the same time! Now you have!

Somebody That I Used To Know
Walk of the Earth

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  1. Love both of these songs!
    Lovin your blog name too :)

    xo Shane

  2. i love kalai! and your cute blog! i tagged you in a post questionnaire... check it out! http://brielleandscott.blogspot.com/2012/01/tag-youre-it.html