What Little Time Is Left: {Ode to Christmas. Day#4}

I have a Christmas countdown that I made last year. And I love it. It's so fun to countdown the days to all the excitement. But in our house, we don't countdown the days until Christmas {at least not the last few years}, we count down the day that we get to be with our families. And see that number? Yep, one day {tomorrow} until we leave for Utah. And we are so excited! Let's be honest though, my mind has already been on vacation for the past week {my poor coworkers}. And there has been a whole lot of jumping up and down going on at home {all by me, Mike just gives me an odd look and then proceeds to not join in}{he is excited though, I promise, he just can't be excited and be dealing with finals at the same time}. But we're almost there. Let's pray for a little snow so that we can get a true Utah Christmas {but lets be sure to delay that snow until after I get there so as to have a smooth flight and landing}.
I hope everyone has an opportunity to be around those they love this holiday!

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