Well, 'tis turkey day soon. Headed down to Houston to spend some much needed time away and with family. This whole midwest Thanksgiving thing....strange. Some people out here eat brisket instead of turkey. Don't get me wrong, I love a good, moist brisket, but this is turkey day. {Unless you don't like turkey, then its ham}. And to be completely honest, in my 23 years of life in Utah, I had never heard of deep frying your Thanksgiving turkey. Or having a "turkey fry". Do they do this in Utah? Who knows? But is it really necessary to add 4235818731 extra grams of fat to an already extremely large meal? Well for one of the fattest states in the nation, I would venture to say that it is necessary. But to be honest, our first year here, the Elders Quorum did a turkey fry. And yes, I tried some. And yes, it was yummy.

Nevertheless, I hope that everyone enjoys their respective meat, prepared in any which way that you enjoy it most, this Thursday.

We will be eating lots of food, playing with the kiddos, scouring the ads, watching the parade{football}, and preparing our Black Friday routes.

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