Okay, I will admit it. I love showtunes. So much. And you lucky people in Utah have a radio station {106.5} that has "Showtunes Saturday Night". Do you understand how lucky you are? This weekly event changed my marriage....

I have been in love with showtunes since pretty much forever. I remember watching musicals when I was younger. Oliver and Annie stick out particularly in my mind. Then as I got older, my taste continued to grow, thanks to my high school choir experiences {gotta love that Into the Woods medley}. Then I got married. And my sweet husband wasn't much into the musical thing, but he knew that I loved them. One night we started a game. More like I started a game. Because I would only start games that I know that I can win. This game was only played on Saturday nights. The game goes like this: listen to "Showtunes Saturday Night". When a song comes on, you have to be the first person to name the musical that the song is from. The person with the most musicals at the end wins. Thats pretty much it. And let me tell you. I was pretty good at this game. Not perfect, but better than Mike and thats what mattered.

So do you know what this sneaky kid decided to do? He started listening to showtunes at work. NON.STOP. Yep. He became quite the contender at my game! Which actually made it way more fun.

Then we moved. No "Showtunes Saturday Night" in Oklahoma. Lame. Slowly but surely, we got out of our showtune listening.

So yesterday was a bad day. I was telling Mike all about my poor, pitiful day through Google Chat. And do you know what he says to me? This boy tells me to turn on some showtunes. Because showtunes make everything better. Hah.

I have created a monster.

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