I blog stalk. Like, a lot. But not people I know. Its the people that I don't know that really intrigue me. And whats even more enticing is when they are young, married people. Like me. With really no purpose to blog, which is even better because then the posts are all just fun randomness.
But actually, that really wasn't the point of this blog. The point was, do you know how many blogs I come across that are wives with husbands in law school? You wouldn't believe it, if I actually had a number to tell you. The bar results for those who took the bar in Oklahoma in July just came out a few days ago. Mike was eager to see the list because he knows quite a few people that took it. And here in the big OK, they post that list online, names and all. I say thats a little insensitive. At the top of the list they give statistics. 381 people took the bar in July, 317 people passed. Now, the point I make, is not the margin of those not passing. The point I make is they offer the bar twice a year: February and July. Now if each time the bar is taken, 320 students are passing, that is 640 students a year. Oklahoma has two law schools. So with states that are bigger and have more law schools, that number is even higher. Now tell me, where in the country are there 640 new, just graduated, no experience {minus internships} attorneys being hired every year? Because that is the state that I need to live in.

The statistics on law schools are quite crazy. I don't have numbers but I have read enough about it to know that there are WAY too many law schools in this country generating way to many attorneys for the small number of jobs that are actually available. Every school within a University has job placement statistics. These statistics will tell you what percentage of students have jobs within a certain amount of months after graduation. Did you know that law school job placement statistics are not based off of jobs placed as an attorney? So when you see 95% job placement, most likely only a small percentage of those people are actually working as lawyers, whereas the rest could be working retail for all we know. Isn't that disappointing? Mike is amazing, and I have no doubt that he will work his tail off finding a job to pay off the mounting student loans. Plus, going to law school does not mean you have to be a lawyer. Just having it on your resume can create many different opportunities.

We are kind of ahead of the game for our age. Mike will graduate law school at 26. Most returned missionaries our age are just starting law school. Mike is just good at school and wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. Five and a half years for his ENTIRE seven+ year college education. Yeah, he's awesome. But not the point {sorry, brag tangent}. As I heard of friends from high school/friends spouses from high school getting ready and leaving for law school this Fall, I almost wanted to scream out to them, "Are you sure?!" "Do you really want to get into this?" "Because its really not all roses and daisies, like they make it seem." And I'm not talking about the law school part {everyone knows that part sucks}. I'm talking about the looking-for-a-job-thats-not-there-and-even-when-you-find-it-you'll-make-less-than-half-what-you-were-led-to-believe-you-would-being-making-post-graduation part.

Depressing, right?

Well I should probably stop talking. Because, you know, we are just beginning this whole finding a job part. Who knows how hard it will really be. Who knows how much money we will actually be making. Who cares. Okay, I do.....a little if you can't tell. But Mike will "guard and protect my heart" {haha, oh Kasey, you kill me}. But really, Mike will find a job, or two {he said that, not me}. Because those loans come due, and they don't really care if you are working as an attorney or at Sonic {rollerblading is good exercise, and come on, it's just plain fun}.

Don't get us wrong, we are super grateful for this opportunity, and Mike really enjoys the things that he learns about. And there are a lot of good attorneys out there. Now we just need someone to get us a connection with one of them so they can hire Mike. Anyone? Bueller? No beating around the bush here people, we need a job.


  1. Oh you guys will find a job. Easy peasy! seems like he's working really hard. it will pay off. can't believe he's almost done!! i know so many people that are just starting! way to go mike!!

  2. We have a good friend that graduated in the Spring and he's had a hard time finding a job here, but he got one recently. I know it's hard because like you said, overpopulated. Best of luck! When you're ready let me know and I can talk to him for you if you want.

  3. What a sound off!!!
    Things will work out, you and Mike have worked so hard.
    We have one empty bedroom, (sorry Ashley and Alisha there won't be room for you), so if all else fails you can move in with us and we'll be one big happy family.