We don't do much these days. We do a whole lot of wiiing....yeah, I did just make up that word. Wiiing, the process of playing the Wii. Mike, in particular, does a whole lot of wiiing. Today was particularly funny. Notice in this picture, Mike is very much into his game. At this point, he was attempting to defeat Bowser. 

Notice anything on his shoulder?

 Here is a closer look.
That's right, its a sock. I was wandering around doing my usual pick up and put away anything in sight and if there is one thing that may put me in an early grave, its picking up Mike's socks. It drives me nuts. So today, when I picked them up, I decided to throw them at him. He was so into this game, that this sock remained on his shoulder for several minutes. Hah. That goes to show what little movement really is required when wiiing and also I really am unsure if Mike was even aware of the sock on his shoulder until I came out and started taking pictures of him. Oh, video games, how much we love you.

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