So How Do I Beat The Magic Bear?

Well we made it to Utah, safe and sound. Without any car troubles! We are so glad to be back with family and friends. We arrived Sunday around 12 noon, and then spent the day lounging with family! It was fabulous. I was back to work early Monday morning. Mike doesn't actually start his internship until next Monday so he has been bored to death. I have been busy working remotely and realizing what a bittersweet opportunity that it is. Bitter because man the days seem so long! I don't know what it is, but actually showing up at the office makes a day go by so much faster. And I was a little worried about the distractions that working remotely might bring, but its actually quite the opposite! I have been hardly distracted and working very quickly! I processed 27 expense reports in 2.5 days! Most have no idea but that is seriously awesome! But the Sweet part of all of this is the fact that this morning I hopped out of bed 30 minutes before I needed to be to work, took a shower, and headed to work with wet hair, no makeup, and in my pajamas. Now that has Abby just written all over it! It truly doesn't get better than that!

Not missing Oklahoma at all except for some dear friends and the nice, warm weather! It has been in the 40's and raining since we arrived. I have only ran once since I've been here and its kinda putting me in a slump. I miss my nice, temperature controlled gym! Hopefully all this rain disappears so I can feel the nice, warm sunshine on my face as I enjoy a run with the hubby!

And because all blogs should have pictures (or at least some would say), here is a picture that I finally got around to getting my hands on, taken of Mike and his siblings while we were all together around Christmas! Aren't they just adorable?!