Michael Murphy's

Ever been to a piano bar? Well I can officially say that I have, and it rocked my socks off! Some friends of ours had gone and told us how much fun it was, and we couldn't pass it up. People pay money to request songs, the pianists play and sing and are absolutely hysterical, while the crowd gets completely wasted! Not us of course, as we sit right in front sipping on our Sprite's. We had such a good time, and my friend and I even went up on stage one time to dance! Mike took video, which will not be seen by anyone else except us, considering how dumb we look. So here is a couple pictures to show the good times! It will definitely be something we do a little more regularly!

On another note, great GREAT news!! We are officially headed back to Utah for the Summer! My work has been more than wonderful in accomodating me working remotely for 3 months. So it'll still be a busy Summer working full time out of my parents house, but it'll be absolutely awesome! We'll be there on May 15, and I can not wait!

Oh and I have made it back to the gym, for all those who were worried. Worked out 5 days last week! Started some High Intensity Interval Training, thanks to a dear sweet friend who keeps me super motivated!

Headed to Dallas this weekend to see the fam, super excited!

And thats about it!


  1. That was such a fun night, but wowzers.... I look like death in that picture! You are a doll as always though! Thanks again for coming with us. We'll pretty much go every Thursday, so let us know when you want to tag along!

  2. Oh p.s. So glad to hear that you get to go back to Utah for the summer! It couldn't have worked out better. I will be sad though... Very sad.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! and :( on you going home to Utah for the summer.. but only for selfish reasons!
    So enjoy!.. actually enjoy it for me while I am stuck here in hell sweating to death!

  4. OH!!! I miss you by a couple of days!!! That's ok!! Hopefully I will still get to see you! Looks like the bar was fun!!! I need to try that I think! :) YAY for spending the summer in Utah!!! Congratulations!!!