So I feel like I talk a lot about food on here. I really do. It's because I love it. Some days I feel like I live my life for the sole purpose of eating food. A couple of my recent favorites are:

The delicious Sweet Onion sauce at Subway. Have you tried this? It is so delicious and the best part, its fat free! Put it on a Veggie and the meal is practically guilt free! Oh joyful!

Croutons. I have become slightly obsessed with them. To the point that people at work bring me their little packages of croutons that they may get with their lunches. Yes, as of right now, I have exactly 10 small packages of croutons in my desk. The best croutons, you ask? Texas Toast Croutons, Garlic & Butter Flavored. These are to die for. I buy them on a regular basis. I would rather snack on these than any sort of chip or other unhealthy, savory snack. And on any given night, you could very possibly walk into my house and find me watching my favorite TV show with a bag of these babies in my hands.

This one isn't quite a recent favorite, more like a seasonal favorite, but its that time of year again, people. Yes, Cadbury Mini Eggs are back out on the shelves. As much as I wish these were around all year long, keeping this candy strictly seasonal saves me a few pounds each year I'm sure, and this candy is definitely worth the wait. I hadn't had a chance to buy them yet, but my dear, sweet friend was kind enough to leave a bag on my porch. She thought her husband might frown on the 5 bags that she bought (isn't she the coolest, 5 bags!), so she pawned one off on me, and I gladly accepted.

How do you get a man (Mike) to eat vegetables? Smother them in cheese!! Let me clarify, you cannot just smother any veggie in cheese and expect a man (Mike) to eat it. Ladies, they (Mike) are (is) smarter than that. We (I) have to pick veggies that men (Mike) don't (doesn't) claim "taste like dirt". And as funny as that sounds. To men (Mike), most veggies truly do taste like dirt. Well if you mean they grow out of the ground and weren't processed somewhere in a nasty plant, then yes, I guess they do taste like dirt. So we (I) just smother the healthy veggies in the nasty processed cheese sauce, and voila, a potentially healthy, but definitely low in calorie side to the healthy grilled chicken breast. And Green Giant has done this successfully. It truly tastes great.

To recap, I like food. A lot.

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