So it drives me crazy that Mike doesn't have his clothes hung up in an organized manner. All the slacks should be together. All the t-shirts should be together. All the collared shirts should be together. And so on. At least thats how I try to keep it. But then Mike gets involved in putting things away and it gets a little crazy. So the other day we were putting away some laundry and I expressed my frustration about how is clothes are not "organized". And Mike says, "What are you talking about? They are very organized. See....shirts....pants....shirts....pants.....shirts." Oh my heck I could have died laughing. Yes, I guess according to his terms, it is very organized. If you can call random organized. Either way, he made my entire day. I love that he makes me laugh.


  1. that is funny stuff. Tra's idea of organization is all clothes on hangers and in the drawers, folded or non-folded...they are "organized." Ugh, let's just say I have learned the definition of "compromise" while being married. I'm a highly clean and organized person, so this is saying a. lot. I love the Mr. :O)

  2. haha that is so funny! Organization is different to everyone I guess! I to am trying to organize my closet, toys, scrapbook stuff, etc.

  3. I laughed right out loud; so funny!I love that Mike proved to you that there is more than one way to do things. Way to go Mike! I am doing some MAJOR organizing and throwing away. Dad has finally said that he is ready to finish the basement if I can get it cleaned out. I am really trying to get it done. The storage room looks better than ever and alot of bags are heading to Ashley's garage sale or to DI. Annika even came and helped me out. She found out that it takes alot longer than you might think.