I'll Be Home for Christmas

I know its been a while since my last post but we were home for Christmas and since we have been back, I have simply been taking time away from blogging because Mike hasn't been studying and I have to take advantage of the time that I have to spend with him. So don't expect much in the next 2 weeks. I forget how much I truly love hanging out with Mike. I love him. Anyway, our holiday was fabulous. We were able to be in Utah for 11 days and enjoyed tons of relaxed, family fun! Here are some pictures to show some of what we did.

This is a picture of us at home in front of our own Christmas tree having our own little Christmas the night before we left!

Mike loved his new power tools!

I loved my new clothes....modeling the new blazer and new boots with an old pair of pajama pants. Classy huh? And I can't get the stupid picture to turn the right way. Dumb.

From here on, the pics are of us in Utah. We went to two movies while in Utah. We finally saw the new Harry Potter and we also saw the new Narnia movie. Both fabulous!! And no, the mugs were not all for me.

And yes, you do see a little blond in my hair. I got a little crazy in Utah, and dyed my hair dark and then bleached a small section. Most days, I love it.

Mike is really excited to eat his steak at his parents house on Christmas Eve/Dad's birthday. Since its Mike's dad's birthday on Christmas Eve, we always have what he wants for dinner, which is always steak and crab. Once again, can't turn the picture.

Me and my little bro on Christmas Eve. Except he's not so little anymore. The kid is 13, pushing 5'7", and has his man voice. Its actually a little depressing. I love him, but he was such a cute 4 year old. Why do they have to grow up?

Christmas Eve at my parents house in front of all the gifts. All the siblings and there kids sleep over and bring all their gifts from home, so before Santa even gets there, it looks like he's already come.
Gotta love the sleepy Christmas morning pics. Once again, couldn't turn it.

My bro got the Kinect for Christmas. I have to say, it is really cool. And some of them are quite the workout. I did work up a sweat on a few of the games.

And this is my precious nephew, Kyle. I love love love him, and all our nieces and nephews that we were able to play with while in Utah.

My adorable family on Christmas day. I miss them like crazy already.

While we were there, we also had some family pictures with Mike's family, but I haven't seen any of the photos yet. As soon as I get some, I will put them up on the blog. We also enjoyed having the opportunity to see some dear friends of ours, but I realized later that I didn't get a picture with a single one.

We hope that every one's holiday was just as special and laid back as ours was.

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  1. Your Christmas with your family looks so fun and happy! I love the picture with you brother. So tender. Glad you guys had a wonderful time and got to spend it with family! I'm glad you're back though! It HAS been WAY too long!