We Made It...Barely

After nearly 19 hours on the road, a broken down jeep, a late night phone call to Mike's parents, and them towing the jeep back to Salt Lake....we made it here. I know, sounds dramatic. And I am a very dramatic person. So I will share the story with you. Minus the alarm not going off early on Saturday morning to wake us up, the day was going great. Mike and I were driving two separate cars but we were both feeling good and staying awake easily. I was jamming to my music, as I am sure Mike was doing also. We didn't know quite where we were going to stop, we just thought we would drive til we just didn't want to anymore. We got to the Denver area and the jeep started acting a little funny. It didn't take the hills very well. There are no hills in Oklahoma so this was a new experience for the jeep. But we were still moving along pretty good. We considered stopping in Cheyenne for the night but we both felt fine and we had enough gas to get to Laramie so we just kept going. Halfway between Laramie and Cheyenne, the jeep just decided it didn't really want to work very hard anymore. Well for those of you who have ever driven the area between Cheyenne and Laramie, or pretty much anywhere in Wyoming, there is nothing. NOTHING. And the jeep decides to die. Awesome. So we hop in our car and continue driving to Laramie, stop at the first hotel that we see (which was pretty darn nice....and had the free breakfast....you just can't beat free breakfast), and brainstorm. We noticed that from where the jeep was parked to the hotel location, was for the most part all downhill. So we called Mike's parents (at this point it was about 7:30 on Saturday night) and they so willingly hopped in their truck and trekked up to save us, knowing they wouldn't get to Laramie until 2:00 AM. They are amazing. In the mean time Mike and I decide to drive back up to the jeep because Mike is pretty sure that he can get the jeep to the hotel since the majority of the drive is downhill. So we flipped on the hazards and drove on the side of the freeway and got the jeep to the hotel. Thank goodness. Mike's parents arrived sometime in the early morning on Sunday. We picked up a uhaul trailer in Cheyenne on Sunday morning and were finally out of Laramie, Wyoming by 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. Longest morning ever. So Mike took it to a transmission shop yesterday and they couldn't diagnose the problem. Awesome. They gave Mike a list of "could-be's". Oh dear. So now its at a different shop today, and hopefully we can figure out what it is so that we can figure out if it is worth saving. Stupid thing. Mike's already started looking at cars on KSL. We brought two car loads of stuff to Utah, and we have to get two car loads back to Oklahoma. Which means we need two cars to do that.

On the bright side, everything else is going well. We had banana splits with my whole family on Sunday night and I finally got to see my nephew for the first time. Oh and he is absolutely adorable. And smiley. Oh I love him. And my nieces are so big. And my brother is almost as tall as me! Its good to see them all. And last night we spent some time with Mike's family. We still haven't seen his sister's family and our nieces and nephew but we are so excited to! Its good to hang out with everyone and catch up. I am back to work and being a sugar mama again, but life is good.

I am missing my Oklahoma friends like crazy.
Hope all is well.


  1. call my dad, he's a great mechanic and will save you money!
    801-577-7327 Scott

  2. so much to say...1)I like the facial hair Mike...it's my fav when Tra' grows it out! ha! 2) Abby did you cut your hair? It's GORGEOUS! I love it!

    ugh...sorry it was a rough drive to UT. Wyoming SUCKS! I know exactly where you are talking about breaking down. There is NOTHING! we did that drive when we graduated from BYU-I. Glad you made it in one piece though! Hope you guys have a wonderful summer and we will play when you get back!