Never Look Back

Looking back is wasteful. Looking forward is much more pleasant.

4 days until the weekend
13 days until Corned Beef and Cabbage
14 days until Mrs. Wilson leaves forever
19 days until Spring


  1. I know this is from your last post but I just adore how you and Mike buy matching shoes. Seriously! This is the cutest! I love that!

  2. I love that you eat corn beef and cabbage too! I always look forward to the irish meal! :) oh and by the way when I was at my parents house we were watching home videos and we watched that barber shop choir workshop thing when we were in highschool ... you sing like an angel!

  3. ah, where is this corned beef and cabbage taking place? And who in the world is mrs. wilson? If you're happy, I'm happy. I'm excited for the weekend too...60 degrees BABAY!!!!!!!! Lets go to the park and play!