Take me out to the ball game...

Over the weekend, Mike and I went to a Bees game with some friends of ours and it was so fun! We sat out on the grass because it was really nice weather. And they actually won! I was impressed. It was a pretty good game. There were a couple of homeruns that the bees should be proud of. Plus every time there was a homerun the crowd got something. Like the first homerun we got Sconecutter. All we had to do was take our ticket to Sconecutter and we could get a free scone. The second homerun we got Del Taco. So all we had to do was take our ticket to Del Taco and we could get a free burrito. So after the game we all went to Sconecutter and got ourselves some scones. And then on Saturday night Mike and I went to Del Taco and got ourselves some free burritos. That $7 ticket to get into the game was a good investment considering all the free food we ended up getting! We had a good time though. Its good to have good friends!

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